Preparing for Disney 2017


While I try to visit a Disney property once a year, this year will be more special than usual. For the first time in, well decades, I am going with my mother. We both love Disneyland, so we’re going to California in October to celebrate Halloween down there. My favourite time of year for Disney.

I thought that it would be fun to go over some of the changes at the park since my last visit and some that are yet to come.

Tower of Terror becomes Mission: BREAKOUT!


This is a controversial change and given the nostalgia for the original and it’s theme. Earlier this year the Hollywood Tower of Terror closed its door and work began to revamp it into a ride based upon the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. Personally I loved the look of the ride, the interior and all of the atmosphere around the original. However, I do not like drop rides and only ever actually rode it once.

Soarin’ Goes Worldwide


First seen at the Shanghai Disneyland the attractions at both Disneyland in California and Disneyworld in Orlando have also been updated. The building and structure of the ride is, more or less, the same but with a few reel. This one takes you all over the world looking at major attractions. I am really looking forward to the new experience when I arrive this October.

Star Wars Land Coming in 2019 to California


la-brdelossantos-1486532877-snap-photoThis one is very exciting. It is still a ways off but when it opens I wan to be there opening day. I expected a revamp of Tomorrow Land for Star Wars Land but instead it is being situation up past the Haunted Mansion in the are where Critter County used to be. As a result the Tom Sawyer Island, the pirate boat and the steam ferry are closed for a while.

I am curious what they plan to do with Star Tours which is still in Tomorrow Land. Do they build a new version? Leave it where it is? All very expensive options.


Certainly those are not every little change that has been made. I wish I was able to see what they did with the Food and Wine Festival in California, given a lot less space than they have to work with at Epcot doing the same thing. However, we are also going to be stopping by Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Nights, so it will certainly be a trip to remember.

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