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The Tall Joker

I have many Funko POP figures and the most common one has always been, The Joker. When I found out about this giant 10″ sized version of the 1989 figure I had to get it. I put the regular sized version of the toy next to him for a sense of scale.

A Couple of Jokers

I collect Funko POP figures and have been waiting a long time for a version of The Joker from the 1989 Batman film. This time around I decided to try my chances by ordering more than one from Amazon in hopes of getting the rare Chase version of the figure.

To my amazement, this actually worked and I got one of each. The Chase version is the one on the right, with his makeup coming off. The chances of finding this one a shelf are insanely rare as they are quickly picked up, much of the time, by people that then sell them on eBay for 3x the original price.