Does the iPhone cause baldness?


Just hours after Apple released iOS 10.2 the staff at Internet Janitorial received numerous reports, from four people, that the update is causing baldness! While miscellaneous issues occur with every, single, release we thought that a front page story posting these claims with no attempt to verify anything.

Sadly the above is only, marginal exaggeration, regarding what you find on some Apple news sites every single time a version of iOS is released. The fact of the matter is that a handful of people complaining about an issue is completely meaningless. Now, if you receive between 500,000 and 750,000, then you might have something.

However, the stories are generally based upon anecdotal evidence ranging from forum posts, emails to the website or the always reliable Twitter. Without knowing the answer to a range of questions we’re just stuck in click-bait territory.

The fact of the matter is that some people are going to every, single, release, always have an issue with an update. Follow best practices and backup your device prior to the update to, for example, iCloud and you’re content will not be lost.

Until then get busy with that comb over.

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