Overheating iPhone 7 Plus

apple_iphone_7_and_iphone_7_plus_smartphonesOn Wednesday of last week, just before going to sleep, I wanted to watch a few Youtube videos first. Upon playing the first one the audio on the phone was making a loud static noise… almost like a record skipping. At first I thought, being sleepy, that it was just the one video. So I tried another sure thing, it was there as well. I tried audio from the Music app and could hear it, although far less distinctly.

So I stopped by the Apple store first thing in the morning as I did not have an appointment and managed to see someone almost right away. Yet, just like taking a car to the mechanic, everything was fine. They ran all the tests they could think of and everything passed. Sure enough, as I tested my phone for the rest of the day the audio was sounded normal. Except that now, the phone was running hot and the battery draining significantly faster.

I tried the initial basics of hard resetting the phone and clearing out all of the background applications. Initially after that everything was fine, but, as I started to use the phone it heated up again, so it had to be one of the apps. So, why not the one that seemed to cause all the trouble in the first place?


I deleted the application, restarted the phone and then reinstalled Youtube. No more heat problems since. While I would really love to know what the issue was that caused the audio anomaly the phone is working as expected.

The excitement never ends.

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