Good Food Part III

Been skipping a few weeks here and there lately with the Good Food delivery kits, one time due to them randomly rescheduling one of my orders for a day I wasn’t home and others there just wasn’t enough on the menu I wanted.

Even More Good Food

I swear that I enjoy taking pictures more than I do making the food and even eating it.

Fallout 76

When Fallout 76 came out I was very, very disappointed with what they were following up Fallout 4 with. It was a multiplayer game that initially didn’t even have any NPCs (non-playable characters) so you only would come across other players, robots and terminals of text. Over the years they clearly improved, adding NPCs and a lot of content and then the game came to XBOX Game Pass Ultimate. So with the game not costing any additional money I wasn’t paying anyway I gave it a try and loved it.

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