MySQL 5.7 on SuSE 15

While people should be using MySQL 8.0, which is straight forward, what if you have a requirement to install the still supported 5.7 on SuSE 15? It requires a little more effort, but the following guide should make it a lot easier. This is based on a bare bone, minimal installation of SuSE so if you choose otherwise, you may not need to enable both repositories.

First download the following package from Oracle: mysql-5.7.27-1.sles12.x86_64.rpm-bundle.tar (I know it says sles12, but there is no 5.7 official package for sles15)

Secondly enable the following repositories:

  • SUSEConnect –product sle-module-basesystem/15.1/x86_64
  • SUSEConnect –product sle-module-legacy/15.1/x86_64 

Once this is complete install the following packages:

  • zypper install libatomic1 libnuma1 libnuma-devel libncurses5 perl-JSON libXtst6 libXtst-devel libXrender1 libasound2

At this point you will now be able to install the MySQL 5.7 RPM’s without issue!

The Stanley Park Ghost Train

Contiuning in my series of posts about Halloween events around abouts where I live we come to the Stanley Park Ghost Train. Now, there are those who say it’s only an event for little children but you seen awful lot of adults traveling alone. It’s nostalgic for me at this point and every year they have a different theme.

So, below is a gallery of some of my favorite photos over many years worth of visits. Please note the photos are taken from a cellphone camera on a very wobby train in the dark.

Fright Nights @ PNE 2019

Now, when it comes to events in British Columbia, Canada where I live often gets the shaft. Our Fan Expo isn’t even compatible to Toronto’s and our yearly exhibition, the PNE is also not even comparable in size and scope to Ontario. However, I do still love the PNE and one other even they have yearly is Fright Nights! A collection of haunted houses, a freak show and lot of different carnival rides.