The Tattoo Continues

Had my second session getting my first tattoo and as you can see its a doozy to start with. I need one more visit for the edges to be finished up and then the first one will be finished. I say the first one because I already have an idea for a second one. That wont be until much later this year or next year as I have other pending expenses.

The tattoo was designed and done by David Phelps from Adrenaline Tattoo in Downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Getting started with Kubernetes

Kubernetes is the latest the latest hotness when it comes to technology used on the Internet. It has a distinct advantage of some of the previous trends in that it is very easy to get started learning.

Kubernetes and Docker for Mac

Like many people who love technology, I have Docker for Mac installed on my computer at home as well as at work. Why do I bring this up? Because if you have kept the software up to date you also, already, have Kubernetes installed.

If you do not have Docker for Mac installed: Click here.

Open Preferences for Docker in your toolbar and you’ll notice a familiar icon on the top bar:

Kuberentes preference Pane

Next, all you need to do is click the box next to Enable Kubernetes and then the Apply button. Next you’ll see a small popup that Kubernetes needs to be installed, click Install. That’s all it takes and and Kuberentes version 1.10.11 is stating up. Note, that you may want to click on the General tab as well and provide more memory.


Chances are you already have a connection to another cluster, such as one in Google Compute Cloud. You can easily change back and forth between that and your new Docker installation using contexts.

  • Run kubectl config get-contexts and it will list all of the available options. One of which will be your new installation.
  • Now, to use your Docker installation run kubectl config use-context docker-for-desktop
  • Next to double check that you’re up and running you can run something like kubectl describe nodes and look for a line which will say: OS Image: docker-for-desktop.

Minikube via Brew (Mac)

Installing Minikube on the Mac has a prerequisite in that you need a hypervisor. My recommendation is to go the free route and install Oracle’s VirtualBox.

Next up is to install Brew, if you do not already have it. I find this to be inavaluable installation on any Mac that I’m using.

After that all you need to do is run the following and Minikube will be installed!

brew cask install minikube

The following link will help you get started using Minikube!

The Tattoo Begins

For many years now I’ve been considering getting my first tattoo.

Now, considering my age now I’m calling it my “mid-life crisis tattoo” which is going to be a lot cheaper than getting a red sports car. The Joker was always my first choice for a tattoo and never changed so it was a lock.

This work in progress tattoo was done by David Phelps at Adrenaline Tattoo in Downtown Vancouver. I cannot wait to get it in full color later this month.


Human beings are the only animal that forms ideas about their world. We perceive it not through our bodies but through our minds. We must agree on what is real. Because of this, we are the only animal on Earth that goes mad.

— Narrator, Legion, Season 2: Chapter 10

Cineplex VIP

Over the years I’ve been seeing much fewer movies in theaters. I’m tired of the movie start time being advertised as 7:00PM and then setting through 20+ minutes of ads and previews. Sorry, I don’t have to put up with that at home for far less the cost.

So, when a VIP cinema opened up close to home I was intrigued enough to give it a try. Ultimately it will get me back into theaters, at least tiny bit more often.

What all do you get for the $20 admission price? 

  • Reserved seating.
  • Food service directly to your table.
  • Reclining seats (you can even adjust the headrest)
  • 19+ only admission (a serious perk)
  • Access to the VIP bar and lounge
  • No commercials (I not 100% if this is really a thing or the fact of a new theater or an early showing)

The food is, to the most part, what you get outside but brought to your table with a nicer presentation. Currently, they do not have a license to allow you to bring your alcohol into the theater.

Chicken Parmesan & Fries

Everyone was very friendly and it does do (mostly) what theaters should do to survive long term. When you’re competing against films coming to video months after release and people with OLED 4K TV’s, they’re going to have to step up their game even more.

I recommend VIP for big event movies and if I were not forever single, date movies.